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Company: Helena
Made in: USA
Quality: ISO, FDA

SPIFE TOUCH - the New Helena Touch Electrophoresis System

Smaller. Faster. Touch screen. Versatile. Those are the design specs behind all the Touch Series analyzers. SPIFE Touch builds on the proven track record of the SPIFE agarose gel electrophoresis analyzer.

30% Faster: Faster processing and organized workflow means greater efficiency over previous generations of SPIFE and other brands of electrophoresis analyzers.

SPIFE Touch can do all these assay such as: Serum Protein, Serum or Urine IFE, CSF IgG IEF, Acid Hemoglobin, Alkaline Hemoglobin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Cholesterol Profile, LD Isoenzyme, CK, Split Beta SPE, and Lipoproteins

 Complete Menu: A full menu of analytes including proteins, IFEs, hemoglobins, direct cholesterol including Lp(a)-c, isoenzymes, lipoproteins and IgG IEF, plus multiple gel sizes provide great versatility.

SPIFE Touch™ Features:

Touch Screen: Easy to use interface for test selection and customization of parameters

Quickscan Touch: fast, smart, accurate, sharp, large storage, can be remoted via LAN.

Positive ID: Integrates with ESH Touch for positive ID of patient samples and electrophoresis gel.

Accurate Sampling: Up to 100 samples per agarose gel are precisely applied. New applicator blades provide fast, clean and accurate sampling.

Temperature Controlled: Peltier devices precisely regulate temperature to preserve sample integrity while providing crisp separations. 

Warranty 1 (one) year from date of installation.

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