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Sperm Analyzer SQA - V GOLD

Model: SQA - V GOLD
Company: Medical Electronic Systems Ltd
Made in: Israel
Quality: ISO, CFS

The SQA - V is a high performance analytical medical device that combines state - ofthe - art technology in electro - optics, computer algorithms and video microscopy. The SQA - V runs a self - test and auto - calibration on start - up.

Technical Specification:

- Sample Type: Fresh, Washed, Frozen, Post Vas

- Requires no sample dilution; 25ml and 20µl sample size options

- Specimen Testing Supplies: capillary (automated), Standard laboratory slide (semi - automated)

- Capable to analyse:

+ Sperm Concentration

+ Motile Sperm Concentration

+ Functional Sperm Concentration

+ Velocity

+ % of parameters (Total Motility, Sperm Morphology, PR, NP,…)

- SQA - Vision software, friendly user interface.

Standard Digital sensor

- Zoom system for smooth magnification transition

- LIS interface option available

- Support Video, Image storage for Report.

- Reports sperm count, morphology, motility and additional parameters

- Accuracy, Reduce sample testing time

- Self testing, self calibrating, disposable testing capillary

Warranty 1 (one) year from date of installation

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