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Model: µTASWako i30
Company: Wako
Made in: Japan
Quality: ISO, CFS

Immune analyzer-based techniques liquid Vi (Microfluidic). With this technique minimizes operation, maximum efficiency and automation of laboratories
WAKO i30 measure μ TAS: AFP, AFP-L3 and DCP%
9 minutes for the first sample, the next 2 minutes for each successive samples
Speed: 25 samples per hour
Ability to handle random sample
Auto Calib and calibration
Touch screen control, visualization
Chemical identification with RFID technology
Keeping cool on chemicals
High sensitivity
Priority sampling mode, emergency
Printer: Thermal Printer
Environment installed:
        - Temperature: 15 - 300C
        - Humidity: 30-80%
Power supply: 100-240 V

Dimensions: 577 (W) x 595 (D) x 546 (H) mm

Weight: 71 kg

Warranty 1 (one) year from the date of installation.

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