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Model: V8 NEXUS
Company: Helena
Made in: Europe/ USA
Quality: ISO, CFS

High speed automated capillary electrophoresis

V8 Nexus is the next-generation analyser from Helena — faster, more connected and flexible than ever. With accelerated capillary technology, seamless connectivity to laboratory track systems and Helena’s unique integrated gel workflow, no other system comes close to this level of power.

  • Ultra sensitive analysis with reflex testing
  • Track V8 Nexus systems together for greater throughput
  • Haemoglobin automation for whole-blood analysis
  • Flexible connectivity for networked interpretation
  • Intelligent instrument control with real-time status
Italian Trulli

Ultra-sensitive detection

Eight-channel capillary electrophoresis with multi-wavelength reflex testing.

Italian Trulli

Unlimited automation

Over 2300 SPs a day with laboratory track connectivity and network interpretation.

Italian Trulli

Touch control

Clear, touchscreen-based software for instrument monitoring and interpretation.

High performance, high resolution methods

V8 Nexus supports a wide — and growing — range of automated and sensitive tests, allowing you to choose the optimal characteristics and throughput for your laboratory. In conjunction with our gel electrophoresis tests and our unique gel preparation technology, there is no better source of clinical expertise in this field.V8 Nexus tests

Platinum Touch

Powerful software which accelerates and simplifies your workflow, supporting multi-site networking and combined results from all of your gel and CE analysers.READ MORE

Platinum 6 Serum Protein Result

Platinum 6 Quality Control Page

Platinum 6 Gel Immunofixation Scans

Platinum 6 Serum Protein Result

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Warranty 1 (one) year from date of installation.

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